Einhell 90amp Gasless Mig Welder

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The BT-FW 100 flux cored welding set enables shielding gas welding without a gas cylinder and therefore offers great flexibility in use. During welding, a powder inside the filler wire is converted into a shielding gas which stabilizes the arc and protects the weld against oxidation. Because this welder does not need a gas cylinder and is hardly affected by wind, it is also suitable for outdoor jobs. It has an infinitely adjustable two-roller wire feed for smooth operation, and a fan cooler which enables even long work sessions. A thermostat overload cut-out with pilot lamp protects the BT-FW 100 against overheating during continuous duty. Both the robust hose package and the electrode holder are permanently connected to the welder. Accessories include a slag hammer and a welding screen. For user-friendly transportation there is a carrying strap.

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Product Description


  • Carrying strap
  • Infinitely adjustable 2-roller wire feed
  • Fan cooling
  • Thermal overload cut-out with pilot lamp
  • Hose package incl. welding torch
  • Earth cable incl. earth terminal
  • Slag hammer
  • Welding screen
Mains supply 230 V | 50 Hz
Welding current 45 A – 90 A
Welding current regulation 2 settings
No-load voltage 31 V
Fuse 16 A
Welding wire diameter 0.9 mm
Wire feed Continuously
Welding wire drum 0.4 kg
Length of hose package 200 cm
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