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Bosch 220W Corded Random orbit sander PEX 220 A


Product information

This corded random orbit sander is ideal for a variety of household sanding tasks.

  • 24000 rpm (orbits per minute) with 1.25 mm orbit diameter and to produce a smooth, fine finish
  • 125mm long sanding plate
  • Supplied with a 2.5 m cable, Dust microfilter box to help keep workspaces clean and Bosch micro filter

Features and benefits

  • Bosch micro filter system is the built in dust extraction element that sucks the dust directly into the micro filter box
  • Hook and loop type fastening for fast and convenient sanding sheet changes
  • Ergonomic design allows for easy one-hand operation for fatigue-free working overhead and on curved surfaces
  • Softgrip for a safe, non slip grip and excellent handling

Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI Plus 36v SDS+ Professional Cordless Rotary Hammer 2 x 6.0Ah in Carry Case -0611907076

The Bosch GBH36VFLIP features endless power and absolute control and up to 50% faster work rate due to higher single impact energy and 100% more lifetime (compared to predecessor GBH36VFLI). The new model also features absolute control if the drill bit jams thanks to Bosch Electronic Rotation Control (ERC) and in sensitive materials thanks to Electronic Precision Control (EPC).