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Faithfull 2-250 Tile Spacer Long Leg 2mm Bag 250

The Faithfull Long Leg Tile Spacers are ideal for most tiling applications. These versatile spacers can be easily snapped when ‘T’ joints are required and may be easily removed once the adhesive is set. How to use: Apply adhesive with a notched edge spreader and secure tile firmly. Position one spacer at each corner of the tile, add more spacers as each new tile is placed alongside. For evenly spaced wall and floor tiles, always use same spacer brand and product code during tiling process. Tiles must be left to set for 24 hours before grouting. Faithfull recommend removing spacers once tile adhesive has set. Please note: Size of spacer may vary slightly to dimension stated. Always use same spacer brand and product code during tiling process as each brand and product is different.

Faithfull 26800403 Spare Blade For FAITLRODSAW 150mm

This Faithfull 150mm Tungsten Carbide coated blade is designed for use in the Faithfull FAITLRODSAW Tile Rod Saw. The blade's shape allows cuts to be made in any direction, and it easily cuts straight lines, curves and shaped. Ideal for cutting hard glazed wall and floor tiles, but also suitable for cutting soft metal, plastic, brick and other similar materials.

Faithfull FAITLGROUSAW Grout Rake with 2 Carbide Blades

The Faithfull Grout Rake has a Tungsten Carbide grit edge for removing old and discoloured grout prior to replacement. The rake features a comfortable and robust Nylon handle and is supplied complete with two Tungsten Carbide grit edge blades to provide a long working life.