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Portwest BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet

Auto-darkening welding helmet which switches from a light to dark state when welding activity starts. Light state is DIN 4; Dark state is adjustable from DIN 9 to DIN 13 using the external knob. Response time from light to dark state is 0.04 milliseconds; return from dark to clear state in 0.03-0.04 sec. Power is supplied by solar cells with 2 built-in lithium batteries to offer power back-up for longer service life. No need for replacement batteries.

Portwest Endurance Badge Holder Helmet

The Endurance Badge Holder Helmet is modelled on our best-selling PS55 Endurance Helmet. Innovative additional features include a badge holder which is ultra-sound welded onto the ABS helmet shell. Made from flame resistant polycarbonate the badge holder has a slide opening for easy and secure storage of badges. Ideal for identification wearer information and site access by an electronic badge. 4 points chin strap included and vented for extra air-flow.

Portwest Endurance Glowing Helmet

Endurance helmet with 6 points textile harness and wheel ratchet adjustable size 56-63cm. The ABS shell is made with special photo-luminescent additive colour that accumulates the light in well lit places and release the shining effect in very low or no light conditions – i.e. it glows in the dark. Sold with 4 points chin strap included.

Portwest Endurance Helmet

Endurance vented ABS shell helmet without retractable visor. Sold with 4 points chin strap included.

Portwest Endurance Mountaineer Helmet

Height Endurance Mountaineer helmet is the ultimate evolution of our Height Endurance range. This vented peak-less helmet is designed for multi-purposes. It is ideal for working at height rescue operations and climbing activities. Thanks to its inner EPS foam this style is fully certified to the EN 12492 standard.Six points textile harness technical sweat band and wheel ratchet adjustment ensure optimal fit. Wide range of accessories available.

Portwest Endurance Plus Helmet (MM)

ABS shell helmet textile comfort harness 6 points wheel ratchet adjustment adjustable size 56-63 cm. Sweat band and chin strap included . Sold with retractable clear visor PW56 included. Spare parts available.

Portwest Full Brim Helmet Future

Full brim helmet with lightweight PP shell. Its wide profile provides extra protection against sun glare rain debris and non-toxic splashes. A 4 point nylon harness with ratchet wheel adjustable size (52-63cm). Soft foam sweat band included.

Portwest Headlight Helmet Clips (Pk100)

Securely mounts your head light to a safety helmet to provide a hands free reliable fit that will prevent your head light from falling and getting damaged. Compatible with all Portwest headlights.

Portwest Helmet Cooling Sweatband (Pk2)

Designed to be attached to most hard hats and bump caps the Cooling Helmet Sweatband helps to regulate body temperature in extreme heat. Ideal for workers in hot weather conditions for long periods of time.

Lightweight Pair Soak in water to activate Keeps wearer cool for up to 8 hours Wicking cooling and drying capabilities

Portwest Helmet Lanyard (Pk10)

Introducing the ultimate in helmet safety the helmet lanyard is essential when working at height. One end of the lanyard attaches to the helmet and the other end attaches to the users harness preventing the helmet from falling and causing injury.

Portwest Helmet Sweatband (Pk 10)

Soft foam sweat band for Endurance Helmets Height Endurance Helmets and Skyview Helmets. Sold in set of 10 pcs.

Portwest Helmet Torch Clip (Pk30)

Securely mounts your torch to a safety helmet to provide hands free lighting. Compatible with PA54 PA68 PA75 lights and Endurance Helmets Height Endurance Helmets Peak View Helmets and PS51 Helmets.