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JEFFERSON Auto Darkening Welding & Grinding Helmet

  • Specifications
  • Welding mode & grinding mode
  • Includes replaceable cover lenses
  • Variable shades 9 -13 
  • Lens darkening reaction: 1/2,5000s
  • Long-Lasting Environmentally-friendly Power Supply 
  • External and internal shade, sensitivity, delay time and grinding mode controls.
  • Photoelectric sensor technology with high quality dual LCD and filter
  • Reliable and safe arc protection
  • Operating temperature -5c to 55c
  • Portable and balanced design
  • Fully compliant with current safety standards

Draper Solar Powered Welding Mask

Professional Solar Mask Only €65.00 Delivered! Draper Solar Powered Auto-Varioshade Welding mask, Built-in variable sensitivity and delay setting with flexible shade range between DIN 9-13. Made from high impact nylon and fitted with adjustable headband provides users with maximum protection and comfort. Free Nationwide Delivery!