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Portwest Classic Ear Muffs EN352

Lightweight and robust the PW40 is suitable for all day comfort. Excellent attenuation rate.

Portwest ClipOn Ear Muffs EN352

The protectors can be put into the stand off position. Compatible with Expertbase helmets and PW51.

Portwest Comfort Ear Muffs EN352

This ear protector is constructed to be both durable and ultra lightweight. It has broad foam cushions high impact ABS cups (filled with sound absorbing foam) and comfort headband.

Portwest Electronic Ear Muffs EN352

Fully-functioning electronic ear muff that automatically compresses harmful impulses and continuous noises to a safe noise level ( below 85 dB). Enhances low level sounds to improve user hearing and communication. Built-in volume controls. Works with 2 AA batteries included.

Portwest Premium Ear Muff

Premium Clip-On Ear Muff using the same cup as our PS46 Premium Ear Muff. Easy to clip-on and compatible with Endurance Height Endurance and Expertbase safety helmets. Warning: attenuation performances vary depending on the helmet style they are used with.

Portwest Slim Ear Muff

Foldable low level attenuation ear muffs suitable for low level noise workplaces. The ultra slim earmuffs ensure a soft and lightweight fit which envelopes the ears keeping them safe and protected.

Portwest Super Ear Muffs EN352

Ultra lightweight for prolonged usage. Adjustable dual pin mounting system provides multiple positioning for better fit. Folds to palm size.

Portwest Top Ear Muff

Lightweight and foldable ear muff with a padded headband for added comfort. Great attenuation level ideal to protect against harmful noise in the work environment.