Jefferson 140 Amp Mini Arc Welder + FREE WELDERS MASK

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology Integrated smart fan cooling system with thermostat Includes Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) for improved electrical safety ARC force / MMA welding Hot start Generator friendly Fitted with 13A plug Jefferson ARC welders should be fitted with the correct plug, failure to comply with this instruction will void warranty

SIP METEOR 2300F Electronic Welding Headshield

The SIP METEOR 2300F Electronic Welding Headshield utilises powerful TRUE COLOUR HD LCD lens technology for enhanced detail and weld clarity, plus adjustable SHADE settings for versatility in a range of welding, plasma and grinding applications. Ideal for a range of home, trade and professional environments.


  • 100mm x 59.5mm large view with TRUE COLOUR HD LCD lens technology
  • Adjustable welding, cutting and grinding SHADE mode settings
  • 1/10,000sec light-to-dark response time for sudden arcs
  • Low shield power warning light and testing function
  • Adjustable padded headband for extended comfort

Stud Welder 3100A

Expert Quality, features include, quick release stud gun with slide hammer attachment, dinse earth clamp, adjustable welding parameters, power time settings and single or continual spot selection. Supplied with carbon rods x 3, carbon rod chuck x 1, washer connector x 1, triangle washer connector x 1, triangle washers x 10, 12mm washers x 15, 10mm washers x 15, earth clamp, manual cupule and pulling hook all housed in a tough plastic storage case. Stock No. 71106 comes complete with a metal trolley enabling easy manoeuvrability around the workshop. Trolley available separately Stock No. 76593 and Welder available separately Stock No. 76592.

JEFFERSON Auto Darkening Welding & Grinding Helmet

  • Specifications
  • Welding mode & grinding mode
  • Includes replaceable cover lenses
  • Variable shades 9 -13 
  • Lens darkening reaction: 1/2,5000s
  • Long-Lasting Environmentally-friendly Power Supply 
  • External and internal shade, sensitivity, delay time and grinding mode controls.
  • Photoelectric sensor technology with high quality dual LCD and filter
  • Reliable and safe arc protection
  • Operating temperature -5c to 55c
  • Portable and balanced design
  • Fully compliant with current safety standards

Jefferson Soldering & Brazing Gas Torch

  •  Soldering & Brazing Gas Torch
  • Gas - FLAMMABLE, N.O.S (Methyl Acetylene & Propadiene Mixtures, Stabilized)
Torch Details:
  • Push-button, piezo self-igniting system
  • 360° swivel flametube design
  • Compatible with Propane, Mapp® Mapp/Pro™ gases & MT-1 & PT-1 fuel containers
  • Brass tip, built-in gas regulator & safety trigger lock
  • Soldering Capacity: 19-102mm
  • Brazing Capacity: 6-32mm