Gardencare GCB650 backpack blower

This heavy duty backpack blower from Gardencare utilises a 65cc 2-stroke engine and has a maximum airspeed of over 200mph, making it ideal for tidying up larger gardens.

Gardencare GCB650 Backpack Blower, 65cc

Powered by a 65cc 2-stroke engine, this Gardencare Backpack Blower has a maximum airspeed of 205mph. To put that in perspective, the highest ever wind speed in the UK was 177mph, recorded at RAF Saxa Vord in 1962. Therefore, it’ll come as no surprise that little can stand in the way of this powerful semi-professional blower which is capable of lifting and shifting heavier items such as twigs, plant stems and tin cans. Great for use on gardens, paths and driveways, it’s also suitable for use in parklands, orchards, groves and copses too.

Ryobi RBV3000CSV 3000W 375kmh Leaf Blower

The 3000w - 2 IN 1 Apier / Blower / Crusher - Ryobi Model RBV3000CSV is a multifunction machine (with metal blade) and high power electric motor with two speeds and 45 liters bag capacity. Includes high speed nozzle, 45l collection bag, Vertebrae comfort harness. Maximum blowing performance with air flow of 14 m³ / min.
  • ✔ Combined blower / vacuum cleaner to choose between blowing or suction modes thanks to easy exchange tubes
  • ✔ Speed selector, maximum air flow of 375 km / h with silent mode
  • ✔ Power Mulching high strength blades provide high 16: 1 trituration coefficient for better composting
  • ✔ Vertebrae harness equlibrates the tool and provides maximum comfort to the user
  • ✔ Turbine and metal shredding blad