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Daz washing Liquid with built-in brightness boosters keeps both whites and colours bright. But what’s the point of washing liquid detergent you ask. Well it gets to work straight away, perfect if you’re doing a quick wash or normal cycles.

Annovi Reverberi AR591 High Pressure Washer


Technical features

AR Code 14990
Max pressure (bar) 180
Max pressure (psi) 2600
Max flow rate (l / h) 600
Max flow rate (gph) 159
Power (Kw) 2
Revolutions / min (rpm) 2800
Power supply (Hz) 50
Power supply (V) 223-230
Unit dimensions (mm) LxWxH 449x388x895
Packaging dimensions (mm) LxWxH 420x395x770
Net weight (Kg) 25
Quantity on pallet 10
Quantity in 20ft container 210
Quantity in 40ft container 435
Quantity on truck 330

AR Blue Clean 32 Vacuum Cleaner – Series 3270

The AR Blue Clean 3270 is the wet & dry vacuum cleaner with a 20 litre capacity designed for smaller surfaces that makes numerous household tasks much easier. Weighing 6.1 kilograms, the AR Blue Clean 3270 takes up very little space and is easy to manage: its compact design makes it perfect for working on sofas, armchairs, car interiors, and even in very narrow places

Bold Professional Liquid Detergent Lotus Flower & Water Lily 5 Litre 100 Washes

Bold 2 in 1 Lotus flower and lily liquid detergent gives outstanding cleaning results and long lasting freshness even without pre-washing or pre-soaking

Box of 20 Gem Oils Lithium Blue EP 2 SV 500g with FREE Grease Gun

20 x 500g Screwtop Tubes Gem Blue Lithium EP2 SV is manufactured using a 220cSt mineral oil, lithium hydroxystearate thickener, latest extreme pressure, anti wear, anti oxidation and corrosion inhibiting additives. It is suitable for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load conditions.

Box of 36 Gem Oils Lithium Blue EP 2 SV 400g with FREE Grease Gun

36 x 400g Ringpull Tubes Gem MP EP2 is a premium quality, multi purpose lithium soap grease. Gem MP EP2 is manufactured from lithium soaps and extreme pressure additives. It is suitable for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load conditions.

FF Group 43413 HPW High Pressure Washer

  • Lightweight compact body with wheels for easy transport and storage
  • 5 meters of high pressure pipe and 5 meters of power cable
  • TOTAL STOP SYSTEM: Automatic by-pass valve with pressure relief of the pump head
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • 3 stainless steel axial piston, oscillating plate
  • Maximum pressure 100bar
  • Maximum power 1400 Watt
  • Flow: 330 liters / hour
Includes:  Barrel with adjustable spray nozzle, Pistol, Barrel extension, High pressure hose, Detergent container

Kenotek Cargo 4100 Forté

Cargo 4100 Forté is an extra strong, concentrated exterior cleaner for all vehicles. It has a strong degreasing power and ensures an efficient cleaning of stubborn traffic film. The specific foaming guarantees a good coverage of the entire vehicle and a better soaking power of the dirt. Cargo 4100 Forté is a unique product suitable for touch-less applications


Numatic Henry Genuine Hepaflow Vacuum Filter Bags | 10 Pack | 907075

Give your Numatic vacuum cleaner a performance boost with these genuine HEPA disposable dust bags. They’re up to 14 times more efficient than paper bags at retaining particles of dust and dirt.
Product Features:
  • 3-layered technology
  • Pack of 10 high-efficiency HEPA bags
  • Maximised capacity and airflow for ideal results
  • Compatible with the Henry NVM-1CH vacuum cleaner