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Draper Battery Booster Cables (2m x 10mm)

Suitable for 12V cars and light commercial vehicles. 10mm full copper cable fitted with fully insulated clamps. Display packed.

Draper Inspection Camera

Designed for use in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating and building fields, a versatile high - performance inspection camera engineered to provide excellent performance in all hard to inspect places and with the added benefit ofhaving awaterproof camera for submerged applications. The large 3.5" LCD screen features image capture, record and playback functions and the super bright 6 LED lights to help illuminate even the darkest areas. Fitted with 8.5mmx1m flexible inspection cable and Supplied with three attachments (hook, mirror, magnet) and an 8G SD card. Powered by 4x AA batteries (Supplied separately) and stored in a padded plastic storage case. Contents: 3 x attachments (hook, mirror, magnet) 1 x 8G SD card 1 x Padded storage case


Jefferson Professional Spray Paint Gun - High quality all purpose spray gun - Suction feed with air control - Fully adjustable fluid output and fan control - Easy assembly and disassembly - 2mm nozzle - 8.0 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) air flow consumption - 1 litre capcity pot for long continuous use


The new AIRFORCE MK4 Tyre Inflator is as robust as ever and highly accurate, offering leading inflation and deflation rates and high performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. Meanwhile the redesigned piston and seal arrangement means increased accuracy - cycle tests now give over 400,000 inflation cycles at 100% accuracy - over 50% more than previously! By increasing the size of the viewing window to give a 20% larger field of view, and altering the graphic print to give a clearer scale reading the new gauge is even more user friendly. With a new, modern slim line body design the gauge is now lighter yet more ergonomic to give increased comfort in use.


Siphon Pumps are ideal in situations where you need to move a liquid from one location to another. An example of this is taking petrol back out of a vehicle. Without access to the tan kor fuel line, without a siphon pump this job is incredibly difficult. With a siphon pump you simply place one end in the car tank, one end in the container/other vehicle to receive the fuel and then use hand pumps to allow it through. After it starts the flow of petrol should continue if not you can increase the pressure by using the pump. This isnt the only application for this product but it is the best example.