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Draper 12/24V 300A Battery Starter/Charger

Expert Quality, for garage and workshop use. The charger has thermal overload protection, an easy - to - read ammeter, Short circuit protection, charging current regulation, polarity inversion and a carrying handle. Carton packed.

Draper 12V/24V Battery Starter/Charger (300A)

Battery/starter charger fitted with a large easy to read ammeter, fast charge facility, terminal overload protection and a polarity protection device. Heavy - duty starter suitable for starting petrol engines up to 2 litres and diesel up to 1.6 litres. The starter/charger is attached with protective crocodile clips and trolley wheels for easy movement. A charger/starter engineered for use in garages, workshops and bodyshops. Suitable for use with lead - acid, maintenance - free, lead AGM and gel battery types.

Draper Battery Booster Cables (2m x 10mm)

Suitable for 12V cars and light commercial vehicles. 10mm full copper cable fitted with fully insulated clamps. Display packed.

Jefferson Dynamo 20A Battery Charger

• Charging cables: 2.5mm x 2M with fully insulated charging clamps • Power Cable: 3x1.0mm x 2M • Safety class (DIN 40530): II

8 Foot Heavy Duty Jump Leads

  • 8 Foot, 2.4M Long
  • 8mm Cable
  • Heavy Duty Clamps
  • Full Instructions Contained in Bag